Born to Perform Competition

What an Amazing week to date at the CSTD – Born to Perform Competition. Congratulations to our many very talented students and brilliant teachers at the Gail Meade Performing Arts Centre. To follow are some of the results to date:-

8/U Modern Troupe – HM
10/U Modern Troupe – 1st
10/U Tap Troupe – 3rd
Junior Troupe Challenge – 2nd
12/U Modern Troupe – 3rd
Open Modern Troupe – HM
Open Acro Troupe – HM
14/Modern Troupe – 1st
12/U Lyrical Troupe – 1st
14 and under Lyrical troupe 1st
16/U Lyrical Troupe – 1st
16 and Under Modern Troupe HM
Open Lyrical Troupe -1st
Open Tap Troupe 2nd
Senior Troupe challenge 3rd

Senior Tap Championship
Samantha Elliot – 1st
Sophie Nock – HM

U14 Tap Championship
Jenna Elliott – 1st
Neve Baumgartner – HM

Norma Atkinson Modern Championship
Matthew Thornley – 3rd
Samantha Elliot – HM
Abby Day – HM
Emily Libby – HM

Open Ballet Championship
Elliana Hughes – 1st
Jasmine Schupelius – HM

Junior Ballet Scholarship
Karolina Hebda – 1st

Petite Ballet Scholarship
Abbey Dunn – 1st

Taisen Carlino Dancer of the Festival and a trip to KL to compete in Asia Pacific competitions

Minnie Cooper Novice Adjudicators Award

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